everything you need for a puppy

New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need for a Puppy

Welcoming a puppy into your family is a reason to celebrate! You’ll have a new furry friend who you can nurture, teach, and play with, making them an important addition to your family.

But what do puppies need to survive?! Don’t fret, we’ve got your back. Here is everything you need for a puppy.


You don’t need to Google “what you need for a puppy” to know how important food is. If your puppy is less than one-year-old, he will need high-quality puppy food that is formulated for his age, size, and development.

It’s important your furry friend gets the right nutrients as puppies require more than adult dogs. If you’re unsure about your puppy needs, ask your vet to help transition to a new diet.

Puppy-Safe Treats

“What do I need for a new puppy?”, you ask. Answer: healthy treats!

Training begins in puppy-hood and the only way to train is by using positive reinforcement. As you’ll be using treats daily as a tool, it’s important they are healthy and won’t ruin your pup’s appetite.

It’s also important the treats are soft and easy, so your pooch can chew on them with their tiny teeth.

A Crate or Puppy Pads

One of the top things you need for a puppy is somewhere they can catch z’s in peace.

You can either use a crate for training or puppy pads to prevent your pup from making any accidents during the night. The crate’s floor must be lined with soft bedding to help your pup fall asleep and ensure it’s easy-to-clean.

Another option is pads which lock in moisture to prevent odors and leaks, which is important when potty training.

A Leash, Harness, and Collar

If you’re wondering “what do you need for a puppy?”, know your pooch will need to stay close when you’re heading to the doggy park to ease him into socialization.

As it’s the first time your pup has worn anything, look for a soft, adjustable collar that won’t irritate your pooch’s sensitive neck.

Also, as puppies are small, use a harness instead of a leash. This is because puppies can suffer from tracheal collapse if too much pressure is applied.

A Puppy Playpen

Puppies are like toddlers so you must ensure they’re not getting up to mischief. A great way to do this is by building a playpen with their favorite chew toys so they don’t end up chewing your new pair of sneakers.

Puppy Toys

The American Kennel Club recommends 5 to 6 puppy toys that you can interchange so your pooch keeps busy at all times. Toys are a great way to keep your pup entertained, so he doesn’t become bored or destructive.

Now You Know Everything You Need For a Puppy!

Everything you need for a puppy falls under their dietary needs, walks, and training abilities. As your furry friend is in its toddler years, it’s important they receive the right nutrients, toys, and a comfortable confined area so they don’t get into trouble when you’re busy. Good luck!

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poodle grooming

The Complete Guide to Poodle Grooming That All Poodle Owners Need to Know

Poodles are one of the most beautiful breeds of dog in existence. So, why doesn’t everyone have a poodle?

One of the main reasons is poodle hair! Although they’re pretty to look at, poodle hair takes a lot of maintaining.

If you’re sick of getting brushes tangled in your poodles thick and curly hair, you may need some advice on how to manage it. Here are a few tips and tricks when it comes to poodle grooming.

Poodle Hair Rarely Falls Out

Perhaps you’ve heard other dog owners complain about the clumps of hair on their furniture or carpets. Maybe you’ve wondered why you don’t get the same with your poodle but you still constantly have to brush your dog.

Poodle hair does shed but the strength of your poodle’s curls traps the shed hair instead of letting it fall. This usually results in mats and knots which can be frustrating for owners and painful for dogs. The best way to tackle this is with regular brushing and grooming.

Puppy Hair Is More Sensitive

Poodle puppies have very soft hair, often up until they’re around 18 months old. In some poodles, it can take up until the age of 3 to gain a full adult coat. This soft hair can be just as difficult to maintain as adult hair but in a different way.

As your puppy’s hair begins to strengthen, the coat and skin beneath will be more sensitive than an adult’s coat and skin. Now is the best time to get your puppy used to brushing and grooming but avoid brushing daily until there is a full adult coat.

Choosing a Clip

It’s possible to have two dogs of the exact same poodle breed that look completely different just because of their haircut. There are tons of poodle clips to choose from, ranging from the ridiculous to fancy and formal.

Perhaps you want your poodle to have a top knot, look like a teddy bear, or have the hair all the same length. Maybe you’re happy for your poodle to be closely shaven just to avoid any hair tangles. Whatever your preference, there’s certainly something for everyone.

Poodle Products

With poodles hair being so susceptible to tangles and matting, it’s important to use products that can help avoid that. There are many products available that are specific to poodle hair that can help owners who groom their dogs at home.

For instance, it’s often a good idea to use a conditioner on poodle hair so tangles can be removed easily.

Poodle Grooming 101

There’s no denying that poodle grooming is a regular job for dog owners but that also means you’ll quickly pick up tips that can help along the way. When all else fails, it’s always wise to ask your groomer or vet for advice on your poodle’s coat.

Take a look at some more great advice on taking care of your poodle. Whether it’s diet, training or just enjoying your dog, you’ll find everything you need.