Bright Eyes, Wagging Tails: 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

We all know that dogs need a lot of attention and a lot of love, but it's hard to keep them happy with a busy schedule.

We all go out with our friends on the weekend, but our best furry friends are right there at home waiting for us.  So how can you keep your dog happy when you're not there? Let's find out.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

Puppies love your attention, but they can't always get it. Here are some simple ways to keep your dog happy without breaking the bank!

1. There's No Such Thing as Too Many Toys

When dogs are home alone for long periods of time during the day, they need something stimulating to keep them entertained.

Since your dog can't work the remote like you, chew toys should play a big role in keeping them happy.

Dogs are social animals and love companionship, and they can be menaces without something to keep them occupied when they are all alone.

Food puzzle toys and chew toys are some of the best toys for dogs. They'll keep the dog's mind and jaw busy all day. Keeping them sharp, strong, and away from your nice slippers!

2. Good Food, Good Dog

Find a food brand that gets your dog jumping up and down with excitement. Ask your vet for recommendations and try some of them out. Pay attention to how quickly your puppy munches on it.

If the food isn't causing any digestive issues, and they are loving it, stick with it. If they aren't crazy about dry food, add something new to it.

3. Who Needs Muscles When You Have Bones?

Every child knows at least two things about dogs; they bark, and they like bones. If you're leaving your dog alone for over 5 hours at a time, a nice bone will keep them happy!

4. All Aboard the Train Train!

Training your dog well not only makes life better for you, but for your puppy. If your dog is still young, they enjoy, and need, the stimulation of learning new tricks and rules to follow. Make it a game!

Once your dog understands boundaries and is basically performing tricks in their sleep, not only will you be able to leave the house more peacefully, but they will feel much more connected with you after all the quality time you spent with them.

5. Yo-Yo, Let's Walk The Dog

Hiring a dog walker to stop in and play with your furry friend is a time-tested way of keeping your dog happy and healthy!

Again, dogs are social creatures and they love both the companionship and a chance for some fresh air.

If you can't afford a dog walker, and you work close to home, see if you can sneak in to take them out for a bit on your lunch break! Your dog will be happy to see you!

What Else Can I Do?

If you're worried about your dog's happiness, you can follow these steps to keep your dog happy when you're away.

However, that's simply not enough to keep them fully happy. When you're home, make sure you take some extra time in your day to give your dog the love and affection they need!


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